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Until now

Like most good stories ours also began more or less spontaneously, without big plans or expectation. A group of young people simply wanted to make the after-war everyday life of the grey devastated town happier...

So, we embarked on this little adventure with very little experience, but with a lot of good will.  Pazi škola! (Attention! School Ahead!) was the first specialised radio show for children and School Dance was the first disco programme tailored exclusively for primary school children. We were very surprised by our initial success :)

The idea of organised, institutional activities was born about the same time even though we did not know much about the concept and nature of the civil society. Novi svijet (New World), Association for Children and Youth was founded with a lot of good will and passion in autumn 1997, almost two years after we began with our activities.

Very soon, in 1998, as a direct response to a growing social problem, we started first conceptually organised campaigns in our region called Kampanje protiv ovisnosti (Campaigns Against Addiction).The initial disco programme for children grew during the following few years into one of the most popular shows at the time, Izbor za Miss teen & college (Miss Teen & College Competition) of the Sisak-Moslavina County.

In the course of the following years Novi svijet became extremely popular, primarily due to successful modelling and fashion programmes. Although we had already been seriously involved in several different thematic areas, more time had to pass, a new millennium began until we undertook a number of different, innovative, interesting and creative projects before the public recognised our intentions and our mission, which is a part of the name of our association. 

Crta (The Line), Aerobic Fun, Put crvene vrpce (The Red Ribbon Road), Kreativa (Creativity), and particularly Chat – our Thursday conversations, M-klub (The M-Club) and Živi život! (Live Life!) are the programmes which marked our activities, shaped our identity and established us as a recognisable institution providing non-institutional support for children and youth.

The path we have chosen according primarily to our main guidelines and principles has often been thorny and unknown. Nevertheless, we have always believed in ourselves and never gave up. We overcame obstacles in our way correcting misconceptions we encountered sometimes paying a high price to achieve our goals.

We are developing new programmes today trying to keep up to date. We also continue to invest in education, co-operation and strong institutional development.

We have gained enormous experience carrying out numerous activities, events, projects and programmes together with our co-workers, associates, volunteers, friends, partners and various institutions. Many have acquired new knowledge. There has been laughter; there have been smiles on the faces of children, teenagers, and parents. We find it difficult to remember and describe everything.

It is even more challenging to continue creating and living with Novi svijet (New World) after 20 years with the same enthusiasm and will day after day.

Thank you for your support!


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